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Sunday, 24 January 2016


Program Learning Outcomes for BA in Sociology 

Understudies moving on from this project will:

  1. Comprehend the elements of hypothesis and its utilization in the sociologies. Understudies will be acquainted with key social scholars in the field. Understudies will comprehend key hypothetical ideas and be happy with utilizing them past the classroom. 
  2. Increase wealthier comprehension of the social world, including class, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, instruction, family, occupation, deviancy, wellbeing, and worldwide citizenship and how the human social world effects its surroundings. 
  3. Apply sociological learning and preparing to comprehend hypothesis and strategy arranged around issues of human prosperity in the US and all inclusive, including how to comprehend the relationship in the middle of imbalance and variables like race, class, sex, and training. 
  4. Apply methodological, hypothetical, and research abilities to do observational exploration ventures. 

Degree Requirements for BA in Sociology 

Eleven courses are required for the major in human science (no less than 33 semester hours). Conventionally, these courses will be disseminated as takes after. Any exemptions to these prerequisites must be endorsed by the Major/Minor Advisor and/or seat of the Undergraduate Advising Committee Chair.

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