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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Business and economics - Northwestern College

Given your confidence something to do. Whether you're gone to Wall Street or Main Street, examining business at Northwestern will set you up for more than primary concern achievement. You'll prepared to make insightful utilization of the assets God has given you. 

Scholarly projects 

Business is the biggest scholarly program at Northwestern College, offering majors in bookkeeping, business training, and financial aspects and also business organization degrees in ag-business, money, worldwide business, administration and advertising. Investigate programs 


Northwestern's business and financial aspects workforce have true involvement with bookkeeping, worldwide financial matters and socially mindful business and entrepreneurial activities. They instruct here in light of the fact that they are devoted to planning experts whose confidence directs their work, authority, contributing and choice making. Investigate workforce 

Demonstrated achievement 

Northwestern's business understudies measure up. On government sanctioned tests, our seniors scored in the 94th percentile and posted class scores of 99% in bookkeeping, 98% in financial matters and 95% in money. What's more, the CPA exam pass rates of NWC's bookkeeping graduates are in the main 10 among the 120 individuals from the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Meet a graduate

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