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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Geology - Whitman College

Geography manages the physical, compound, and natural investigation of the Earth from its origin to the present day. A foundation in earth science not just builds the general understudy's energy about the world, it additionally expands the profundity of comprehension of a science understudy's own field. Genuine understudies of topography discover open doors in the natural, petroleum, mining, instructing, building, and geophysics fields, and in hydrology, space science, and oceanography.

An understudy who enters Whitman with no earlier school level planning in geography will need to finish 50 credits (36 in topography) to satisfy the prerequisites for the geography major. After a topography or geography joined major is proclaimed, no topography course might be taken P-D-F.

Circulation: Courses finished in topography apply to the science and quantitative examination (chose courses) dissemination regions.

Learning Goals: Upon graduation, an understudy will have the capacity to:

Significant Specific Areas of Knowledge 

Have what it takes and foundation information important to seek after autonomous examinations in the earth sciences. Develop bedrock and surficial geologic maps using topographic maps, aeronautical photos, and hands on work. Perceive and decipher landforms on topographic maps and ethereal photos. Develop substantial geologic cross-segments of fundamentally complex locales. Perceive and welcome the connections between human exercises and topography. Show a basic learning of Earth procedures and history. Decide the geologic procedures in charge of particular landforms. Decide the states of mineral and rock arrangement taking into account mineral array, science, and textural connections. Depict how inward nuclear structure decides the optical and physical properties of minerals.

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