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Friday, 22 January 2016



The Department of Geography at the University of Alabama was set up in 1903. The division incorporates 12 tenured or residency track personnel, two fulltime teachers, three expert staff individuals, three full-time specialists, and two clerical specialists. Departmental educating and examine intrigues compass the control and the globe. The office encourages an energizing and synergistic environment where open doors for disclosure proliferate. Staff comprises of biogeographers, a cartographer, climatologists, a geomorphologist, GIS and remote detecting pros, human geographers, and organizers. The office offers B.A. furthermore, B.S. degrees in Geography with focuses in Environment and Natural Resources, Regional and Urban Planning, Geographic Information Techniques, and Human Geography. Also, the office offers minors in Geography and GIS, and endorsements in GIS and Urban and Regional Planning. Included inside of the division are the GIS and Remote Sensing Laboratory, Cartographic Research Laboratory, and the University Map Library.

Profession Opportunities 

Focal Intelligence Agency, U.S. Ecological Protection Agency, U.S. Timberland Service, U.S. Topographical Survey, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, City, County, and Regional Planning Commissions.

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