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Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Agriculture is the science and craft of developing, keeping up and utilizing plants as a part of oversaw scenes. At Chemeketa Community College, we offer a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in cultivation.

The Horticulture program keeps up a nursery, nursery and greenhouse complex on the east side of Chemeketa's Salem grounds. The nursery incorporates 3,000 square feet of warmed space and 700 square feet of unheated space where we develop yearly and perpetual blossoms, houseplants, blooming crate, ground spreads and that's just the beginning. Furthermore, we utilize the nursery space for cultivation labs, understudy tests and plant deals consistently.

The nursery range is a flooded yard where we develop trees, bushes and enduring plants in holders. The lovely gardens that encompass the nursery and nursery incorporates a wide assortment of decorative scene plants and in addition an expansive segment devoted to vegetables and some little natural products. This is the place Chemeketa understudies get hands-on involvement in developing both decorative and eatable plants which sets them up for a wide assortment of business opportunities in the field.

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