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Friday, 8 January 2016

Dance - Columbia University

The Department of Dance 


The Barnard College Department of Dance, situated in a world move capital, offers an interdisciplinary project that incorporates the investigation of move inside of a human sciences setting of scholarly and imaginative investigation. The real expands upon studio courses, the Department's preparations at Miller Theater, New York Live Arts, and different venues, and also a rich cluster of move studies courses, permitting understudies' innovative work to create in dialog with basic investigation into the history, society, hypothesis and types of western and non-western execution, regularly upgraded by study in different orders. Understudies work with finished specialists whose work advances contemporary American move; they additionally think about with exceptional exploration researchers.

Making, considering, and expounding on craftsmanship are a vital part of the aesthetic sciences instruction. Therefore, the Department of Dance offers system courses for understudies of all levels of skill, while opening its different courses to majors and non-majors alike, who might likewise try out for its preparations. The Department accomplices with social foundations in New York City to join understudies with the expert world.

The Department of Dance is completely licensed and on favorable terms with the National Association of Schools of Dance.

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